Packing Tape Sample for Variety Of Vibez LLC from Sticker Mule!

Yesterday night, Variety Of Vibez LLC received a sample packing tape order from Sticker Mule! The sample order included a 3" x 24" sized packing tape. This was ordered to start the process of custom branding for the company! I (Keyanna), found this company through a Google search for about 5 minutes. I didn't do an extensive search for price comparisons, however, I did look at reviews for the company to make sure that it was legitimate! 

A picture of the sample packing tape is below:

What is packing tape?

Packing tape is pressure sensitive tape used for various purposes. It's mainly used for branding purposes for businesses for sealing or closing boxes or poly mailer packages. The particular packing take that was used has to be apply by wiping a wet sponge across the tape.

If you would like to order custom packing tape from Sticker Mule, you can sign up by clicking on the banner below to receive a $10 credit when you spend $10 or more!

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